Spreadsheet Calculations

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Calculation Heating Coil Sizing for 
Fuel Oil Tank Design

Determination of Steam Requirement & Heating Coil Sizing for Insulated Fuel Oil Tank

Calculations of AISC Bolting Design

Specification for Structural Steel Buildings ANSI/AISC 360-16CHAPTER J – Design of Connections

Calculations of Anchors-cross section


API 653 Tank Shell Evaluation (tanks)

API 653 Tank Shell Evaluation (tanks with diameters equal to 200 ft or less)

Davit Calculation Design

Stress in Davit

GLS Tank – AWWA D103 Design

Shell Thickness (AWWA D-103)

Mechanical Design Spreadsheet Calculations

Header Box Mechanical Design

Internal Coil Calculations Design

Storage Tank internal coil design

External Heating Coil Calculation Design

Crumbed Rubber Blend Tank external heating coil

Anchor Bolt Calculation for Skid

ACI 318-08 appendix D – Anchoring to Concrete

Nozzle Reinforcement Design

Nozzle Inforcement

Calculation of Partition Plate

Nominal Pass Partition Plate Thickness

Pig Launcher ASME B 31.4 Design

Pig Launcher Design Calculation

Pipe Thickness ASME B 31.8 Design

Calculation Sheet for Pipe Wall Thickness

Pipe Thickness Calculation TD13 Design

Calculation Sheet for Pipe Wall Thickness

Pipe Wall Thickness Design

Calculation Sheet for Pipe Wall Thickness

Calculation of Saddle Design

Calculation of Saddle

Piping Load Calculation Design

Piping Load Calculation

Slug Force Design

Slug force Calculation

Spreader Beam Design

Spreader Beam: ASME BTH-1

Calculation of Tailing Lug Design

Lifting/Tailing Lug Calculation

Tension on the Net Section Design

Tension on The Net Section Sec6.

Transport Saddle Design

Transport Saddle Calculation

U Tube Thickness Design Spreadsheet Calculations

U Tube Thickness Design Calculations

Calculation of Zincalume Tank

AS2304 CODE design calculation