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Why Online investment Needed ?

Online investment provides accessibility, convenience, and a diverse range of opportunities, empowering you to manage and grow your finances efficiently.

robot hand
Robotic hand
Robotic hand will be able to perform every task as humans and in a much better way. Can acquire signals from the mobile application from any where. Below List of uses:-
  • Precision Surgery
  • Industrial Automation
  • Prosthetics
  • Assembly Line Efficiency
  • Disaster Response
  • Rehabilitation
  • Aerospace Maintenance
  • Teleoperation
  • Personal Assistance
  • Educational Tools

How it functions

A robotic hand functions using mechanical structures, actuators for movement, sensors for feedback, a control system to interpret commands and adjust movements, a gripping mechanism for object manipulation, and a power source for operation..

visual assistant

Virtual assistant

Our visionary team of researchers is developing a revolutionary virtual assistant that stands out by bringing a dynamic, interactive, and realistic presence directly in front of users. Imagine a virtual mentor guiding you through complex subjects or supervising your tasks as if they were physically present – that's the future we're creating. Below list of uses:-
  • Task Automation
  • Information Retrieval
  • Calendar Management
  • Smart Home Control
  • Voice Commands
  • Navigation Assistance
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Language Translation
  • Weather Updates
  • News Summaries

How it functions

A virtual assistant operates as a software program or interface, providing guidance and assistance through text or speech interactions. . Unlike a hologram, it doesn’t have a physical presence but offers valuable support in various contexts, such as customer service and productivity tools.

Multi Storage Tank

A multi-storage tank is a system comprised of multiple tanks designed to store various substances, such as liquids or gases, in separate compartments. These tanks are often used in industrial settings for storing different types of chemicals, fuels, or other materials.
Below list of uses:-
  • Liquid Storage
  • Chemical Containment
  • Water Reservoir
  • Oil and Gas Storage
  • Agricultural Use
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical Storage
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Renewable Energy Storage

How it functions

The multi-storage tank system securely stores food items with advanced security measures like surveillance and access controls.We’re in talks with Gaza to safeguard our multi-storage tanks in Palestine, emphasizing their vital importance and the need for mutual cooperation

robotic arms

Robotic Arms

Robotics arms, also known as robotic manipulators or robot arms, are mechanical devices used for manipulation and interaction with objects in various industries and applications. Here are some important keywords related to robotic arms.
Below list of uses:-
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Autonomous Surgery
  • Next-Gen Prosthetics
  • Smart Automation
  • Space Exploration
  • Disaster-Ready Response
  • Cutting-Edge Lab Work
  • Personalized Assistance
  • Teleoperation Innovations
  • Futuristic Education

How it functions

Robotic arms function using mechanical structures, actuators for movement, sensors for feedback, and a control system to coordinate actions. They perform tasks with precision, such as assembly or pick-and-place operations, based on programmed instructions or user inputs.

What are Bond Investment:5 years

Investing in a Project or inventions, the bond with a five-year maturity period involves purchasing a debt security where no interest is paid during the term. Instead, the investor receives the increased value of the bond at maturity, reflecting the success or profitability of the project over the five years. This type of investment can offer potential for significant returns .

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Investing in 3D-LABS through a five -years investment bond can be a strategic move for those seeking to capitalize on the booming filed of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

By supporting 3D-LABS, investors contribute to the development of cutting-edge tecnologies crucial for AI products.

The five-years maturity aligns with the long-term nature of AI projects,allowing investors to participate in the growth and innovation of this dynamic industry.


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why investment Solution is right for you?

3d-Labs is a complete R&D company in Engineering design and Information Technology  since 2003… 

 Our strength is our team, we strongly emphasis on our team work.

We are fostering an inspiring workplace, with an agile and high-performance culture. We are also deeply committed to recognising and valuing diversity across our teams.
Today, we enjoy the satisfied clients globally across our services and products on Oil & Gas, Engineering, Information Technology & software and many other businesses. In fact, we love our footprint extends beyond Earth, with our support now powering many of Industries success.

Now we are growing fast, and have exciting, ambitious aspirations.

It is most important that besides our strong financial performance and innovative, much-loved products & services, we remain a good company.

Investing in 3D-Labs means tapping into cutting-edge 3D printing technology with diverse applications across industries. With our track record of innovation and market potential, investing in us offers the opportunity for significant returns while contributing to sustainable solutions and benefiting from strategic partnerships.