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Stationary Header Calculation


In stationary header calculation the design temperature is 260 deg.C, the design pressure is 8kg/cm2 ,corrosion allowance is 1.5mm , material of header plate is SA516 Gr.60,the allowable stress is 1054 kg/cm2,the material of gasket is IJA. the gasket factor is 3.75 the bolting material is SA 193Gr.B7,the allowable stress is 1758kg/cm2,pitch vertical and horizontal is 61mm,67mm.the tube count is 120 , tube O/D is hole dia is 25.3mm, the number of PP plates is 1.thickness of material T1 = 25mm,T2=25mm,T3=14mm,T4=12mm, cover tc31mm,and flange T7 is 35mm.the major dimensions are mainly considered for the entire calculations. Hence the plate the thickness satisfies the design is safe.


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