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Calculation of Tailing Lug Design


All calculations are created by 3D-LABS, easy to execute any projects with our work procedure. after your payment, click download will be downloaded in spreadsheet format….

In this calculation the design requirement of lifting or tailing lugs provide lifting lug size, forces, and also how much amount of shear stress occurs during lifting the Lug. The lifting lug Material is SA 516 Gr.70. the allowable yield, shear, bending, tensile and weld stresses are considered this calculation. And also, total weight of the equipment, safety factor number of lugs to provide, design load of one tailing lugs, and maximum horizontal, vertical loads to be considered during the calculations. Since all the induced stress is less then allowable stress hence the design is safe. so We provide the detailed calculations of lugs to lift entire vessel/tank.


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