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Piping Basic Drafting


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Pipe sizes depends upon the fluid pressure, temperature and its velocity. As the fluid temperature, pressure & velocity are very low, small size pipes like 1/2″, 3/4″ diameter are mostly used for carrying water and gas in household usage. These pipes are connected by screwed fittings..

Refineries, power plant etc. uses large size pipes like 24”, 42” diameter. Here, the pipes are joined using welded connections. In these pipes, fluid pressure and temperature are very high so we cannot use screwed fittings.

As mentioned above, pipe sizes are determined by the fluid pressure, temperature and its velocity. Pipe thickness are mainly concerned with fluid pressure. Because pipes may explode if the fluid pressure exceeds its allowable limit. In order to prevent such accidents, large thickness pipes are used.

Generally, Standards are followed in manufacturing processes to determine the sizes and materials of the pipes. Standard pipes are manufactured using dies. If the required pipe size is larger than the available standard size, plates with required thickness are rolled to make those pipes.



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