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This drawing is for educational purpose only, most of the dimensions are calculated and assumed

The PMRS (Pressure Management and Reduction System) skid drawing provides a detailed and comprehensive layout for the design, construction, and installation of a critical system used to manage and reduce pressure in industrial processes. This drawing includes essential design specifications such as material composition, dimensions, and key components, ensuring the system’s reliability and safety under various operational conditions. Features such as pressure regulators, control valves, gauges, and safety mechanisms are meticulously detailed to facilitate accurate assembly and maintenance. Sections and elevations offer thorough views of the skid’s internal and external arrangements, aiding in precise placement of piping, instrumentation, and support structures. Additionally, detailed annotations and notes provide valuable guidance on assembly procedures, operational parameters, and safety considerations. This drawing is an indispensable resource for engineers and technicians tasked with the design, assembly, and maintenance of PMRS skids, ensuring compliance with industry standards and optimal performance in pressure management applications.

Quality assurance

Design calculations


1250 square feet plan


advanced engineering

optimal aerodynamics


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