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Piping Stress Analysis

3d-labs has been providing in-depth technical knowledge and proven performance in the fields of Piping Stress Analysis, Piping Engineering and Pipe Support Design to Oil & Gas Operating Companies and EPC Companies at various locations around the world. We know that Piping Stress Analysis is a vital part of any plant layout our Piping Engineers co-ordinate with other disciplines working on a project.

   It is our commitment to provide comprehensive analysis and design services with an unsurpassed level of engineering integrity and skill.

   Our Service :-

   * Thermal and Sustained Stress Analysis of small and large diameter piping 

          (ASME B31.3, ASME B31.4, ASME B31.8.)

   * Evaluation of loads on various types of equipment such as:

   * Compressors, Centrifugal and Reciprocating Pumps, Towers and Pressure Vessels.

some of completed projects:

Refrigeration Piping – VI Energy Metering Skid Pipeline ‚Äď NPDC

Lubrication Pipings – Bhilai Engg

Gas Piping for Qatalum – Techno Futura LLC

ROV Pipings – Robstone FZC

Filter Piping Line – Robstone FZC

Power Plant Pipings – L & T Ltd

Utility Pipelines – L & T Ltd

Pressurizers Pipings – L & T Ltd

Nuclear Power Plant Pipelines – L & T

Eriemu, Forcados, Opuama Crude Oil metering Skid piping analysis‚Äď Emerson

Piping Stress Analysis of 7k-11 Filter

Piping stress analysis – Nash Engineering

Vessel Slowback Gas Manifold piping for Hidala

Pressure Safe Guarding piping – Basrah Gas Company

H2S Scrubber, PRS, Metering & Odorizer skids piplines – Techno Futura

Crude Oil Station pipe stress analysis‚Äď Emerson

Yas-Mina Zyed Gas Pipeline work ‚ÄďEmerson

MPFS Skid pipeing stress analysis‚Äď PetroFac