FEA Services

3d-labs is a engineering consulting firm that provides full analysis using state-of-the-art FEA, CFD and CAD/CAE tools.

   We help our clients reduce product development costs, decrease time-to-market, and improve product quality. We offer not only the reliable analysis result, but also the insight solution on client’s project.

   Our Expert and Experience :-

   We are from all sectors of industry and have excellent analysis skill and knowledge. We have co-operation with universities, national laboratories and other engineering firms, which enable us to address and solve clients’ questions and problems simply and quickly. We solve a broad range of engineering analysis problems based on FEA techniques including stress analysis, fluid dynamics, kinematics, heat transfer, dynamics and vibration (seismic, harmonic),   structural dynamics and electromagnetics. etc..

   Area of Expertise                    

   * FEA Linear/Nonlinear Analysis                               

   * Explicit Dynamics

   * FEA Static stress Analysis                                

   * FEA Dynamic Analysis

   * Transient Impact Analysis                                

   * Fluid Flow (poly Flow)

   * Modal Analysis                                         

   * Random Vibration Analysis

   * Harmonic Analysis                                      

   * Spectrum Stress Analysis

   * Fracture Analysis                                                 

   * FEA Fatigue Analysis

   * FEA Buckling Analysis                          

   * FEA Structure Stress Analysis

   * Thermal Stress FEA Analysis Services                  

   * Transient Analysis

   * Blade Gen                                                         

   * Steady State Analysis

   * Design Optimization FEA Consulting  

   * Vista (AFD,CCD,CCD(WITH CCM),RTD,TF)                           

some completed projects:-

Motor Bed Analysis – Elgi Rubber Ltd

Quick Opening Closer FEA – Elgi Rubber ltd

Nozzle analysis in Pressure Vessel – Nash Engineering Ltd

Stress analysis of process nozzles attached on blind flange -Techno Futura

Roof Nozzle & Rafter Analysis for 50 Ton &100 Tons Bitumen Tank-Puma Australia

Heat Exchanger Nozzle Analysis

Pipe Line Leak Repair Clamp 10” clamp-VKC Gujarat

Mix Tank (Design Calculation) Blackstone, Chennai

FEA – Nozzle weld – Universal Heat Exchanger

FEA – Screw Conveyor – Universal Heat Exchanger

FEA – Nozzle Calculation – Puma Australia FEA – Lifting Lug – NE Australia

50 ton / 100 ton Tank Calculation – Puma Australia

 FEA – Rafter – Puma Australia

Pipe Line Leak Repair Clamp 24” clamp-VKC

FEA – Nozzle weld Universal Heat Exchanger

FEA – Well Head Universal Heat Exchanger

FEA – Nozzle calculation – Puma Australia FEA- Tube Sheet Hidayadh UAE