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Bolted Storage Tanks and Silos Design Services

Welcome to 3D-LABS, your premier destination for Bolted Storage Tanks and Silos Design services. Our team of skilled professionals has been delivering top-quality engineering solutions since 2003, utilizing the latest technologies to ensure effective execution. We understand the critical role efficient storage plays in handling bulk materials, whether dry goods, liquids, or granular substances. That’s why our customized designs prioritize reliability, durability, and optimal capacity, tailored to your specific needs.

At 3D-LABS, we employ advanced engineering principles and cutting-edge simulation tools to ensure structural integrity and longevity. Our use of premium-grade steel panels, assembled with high-strength bolts and gaskets, guarantees a secure and leak-proof structure. We prioritize smooth material flow, minimizing degradation and enhancing operational efficiency. We offer flexibility and customization to accommodate unique project requirements, whether it’s multiple compartments, specialized discharge mechanisms, or additional safety features.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that your storage solution meets the highest standards of reliability and durability. With 3D-LABS, you can trust in our expertise to deliver superior bolted storage tank and silo designs that support your bulk storage objectives. Contact us today to discuss your needs and experience the benefits of working with a trusted industry leader. specialized in AWWA,AS2304,API,EN etc. give in points

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A bolted steel storage tank is composed of rolled steel tank panels that are connected together via bolted
connections to form a vertical cylinder used for the storage of liquid and dry bulk materials.

Applications of Bolted Tanks Water Sector: Storage of Drinking or Potable Water, Rural Water Districts, Subdivision/Private Water Systems, Water Storage at Municipality, Fire Protection Systems, Waste Water, Finish Water, Process Water, Disinfection, Filtration and Sludge Storage

Bolted silos are mainly used to store large quantities of various bulk materials, in particular gravel, hardcore, chippings, and non-metallic minerals.

The silos are manufactured with standard diameters of 4,647 mm – 12,000 mm. Cone inclinations of 45°, 55°, and 60° are available.

completed projects

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Waste Water Storage Tank ForMorganite Crucible India Ltd,Maharastra
Raw Water Storage Tank For ZydusCadila Research CentreAhmedabad
Gls Tank For Lars Enviro Pvt Ltd,Jaipur
Raw Cum Fire Water Storage TankFor Aker Power Gas Pvt.Ltd, India.
Fire Water Storage Tank For TheRed Sea Developemnt Company,Saudi Arabia.
Fire Water Storage Tank In KuwaitLocation For R P Ltd.India.
Potable Water Storage Tank ForM/S Qatar Kentz W.L.L.
Zincalume Water Storage Tank For L&T, India.
Zincalume Water Storage Tank For Ncc,Hyderabad, India.
Irrigation Water Storage Tank In Saudi Location For R P Ltd. India.
Potable Water Storage Tank In Africe Location For R P Ltd. India.
Maize Stored Flat Bottom Silo For RP Ltd.
Soyabean Stored Flat Bottom SiloFor R P Ltd.
Rice Stored Flat Bottom Silo For R P Ltd..
Animal Pellet Stored Hopper Bottom Silo For R P Ltd