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It seems like you might be referring to the Niya Ruins or Niya Reconstructions, which are archaeological sites in Xinjiang, China, known for their historical significance. If you’re looking for a 3D model related to Niya Reconstructions, it would typically involve recreating archaeological structures or artifacts from these ancient sites.

Introducing our Niya Reconstructions 3D Model: a meticulously researched representation of the archaeological structures from the Niya Ruins. Available in .3ds, .max, and .obj formats, this model seamlessly integrates into archaeological visualizations, historical reconstructions, and educational projects. Capture the historical significance and architectural details of Niya in your scenes, whether for educational purposes, cultural preservation, or research documentation. Enhance your projects with the authenticity and accuracy of our Niya Reconstructions 3D Model.

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1250 square feet plan


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