Bolted Water Storage Tank

A bolted steel storage tank is composed of rolled steel tank panels that are connected together via bolted connections to form a vertical cylinder used
for the storage of liquid and dry bulk materials. Applications of Bolted Tanks
Water Sector: Storage of Drinking or Potable Water, Rural Water Districts, Subdivision/Private Water Systems, Water Storage at Municipality, Fire Protection Systems, Waste Water, Finish Water, Process Water, Disinfection, Filtration and Sludge Storage.


Codes Following:-

ASME, API, IBR, TEMA, EN, AS-1210, ASIC, AWWA, AS-2304, AWWA-D103, EN.1993.4.1,IBC, PD-5500, 


AWWA D103 Tank Design

AS-2304 Tank Design

AS-2304 Design Calculations

AWWA D103 Design Calculation

Tank Fabrication Drawings

EN 1991.1.4