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    3d-labs are a professional design and detailing Service Company in India. Our engineering services cover a wide variety of design and detailing services. Especially in heat exchangers, pressure vessel, storage tanks, process tanks, separator, deaerator and mixing tanks used in various industries such as oil & gas, food, chemical & general industries.

    Also Process, Thermal, Mechanical design and all kind of detaiing drawings successfully executed.


Our Design and Drafting Services:-

* Pressure Vessel Process design

* Heat exchanger Thermal design

* Heat exchanger design and detailing

* Pressure vessel design and detailing

* Separator and Deaerator design

* Air cooled heat exchangers

* Shell and tube heat exchangers

* 'U' tube heat exchanger

* Plate heat exchangers

* Storage tanks

* Oil coolers and other type of heat exchanger

* Mechanical Calculations for all equipments

* All type of mechanical parts detailing services


Advantages of our Design Services:

* Competitive pricing

* High quality performance services

* Use of latest technology and techniques

* Prompt response to any service related inquiry

* On-time completion of every undertaken project

* Customer satisfaction guaranteed

* Trained and highly skilled professionals


     We have experienced of all Engineering disciplines including Architectural, Structural, Mechanical. A perfect combination of experience and skill helps us provide the best quality of drawings which ensures that each one-time client is a repeated customer.

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